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Title: Field


Medium: Watercolour


Dimensions: 12" x 12"





Artist Info: We weather storms Like grass in a field Swaying Bending Weeping Pleading A single frail blade In a sea of others Hoping for more seasons Waiting for the clouds to clear Anxiously awaiting the sun Watercolour and words, Samantha Sannella


Samantha Sannella - Field

  • The Artist is responsible for contacting the Buyer by telephone or email in order to arrange for pick-up or delivery.

    Pick up, delivery or shipping of the artwork as agreed to by the Artist and Buyer will be arranged within 7 days after a purchase is processed.  If shipped, the purchaser will assume the cost of shipping.

    The Buyer is responsible for a purchased work from the moment it is delivered to them or from the moment it is picked up from the Artist. 

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