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Title: A Captured Moment at the Bluffs


Medium: Acrylic


Dimensions: 200.5" x 240.5" x 0.75"





Artist Info: The Scarborough bluffs are an awesome sight to behold and forever changing at they slowly shift and erode. It is one of my favorite places to walk and this painting was inspired by a beautiful clear day in late fall. It was painted with acrylic on canvas board.


Halina Below - A Captured Moment at the Bluffs

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    Pick up, delivery or shipping of the artwork as agreed to by the Artist and Buyer will be arranged within 7 days after a purchase is processed.  If shipped, the purchaser will assume the cost of shipping.

    The Buyer is responsible for a purchased work from the moment it is delivered to them or from the moment it is picked up from the Artist. 

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